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Where to Eat

We've picked some of our favorite places and given you the inside scoop. 


Savannah has plenty of local favorite spots to rest and enjoy some of the best warm drinks in town during these chilly days. Make sure to plan on indulging in some of Savannah’s favorite morning pick-me-ups or unwind to the refreshing aroma of coffee beans and enjoy being merry! To help you get started, we have compiled a list of some of Team Lucky’s must-visit coffee shops in town.

The Public Kitchen Savannah

With an abundance of rooftop, patio, and outdoor bistro seating, you can enjoy a little people watching set against Spanish moss-covered trees or the cobblestones of River Street. Here are some of our favorite spots around town to dine al fresco.

By Gen Fuller

Chocolat by Adam Turoni

You could say that Savannah has a bit of a sweet tooth. There are so many places offering confectionery indulgences, it’s hard to narrow them down to just a few must-try spots!

The Ancient Olive, Broughton St, Savannah

Get your oil changed once and for all with the help of the experts at Savannah’s The Ancient Olive.

By Nile Pitts