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Lucky Local

Learn to love our city through a local's perspective with these helpful articles and top 'Savannahisms' you won't find anywhere else. 

Traditional Home Rentals in Savannah

While strolling the streets of Savannah can make you instantly feel at home, the architecture of downtown can be a bit foreign to some seasoned vacation rental guests. Rather than your typical home, cottage, or condo, many of the homes found in our Historic...

SCAD move-in is headed our way (whether we're ready or not)! We got our resident college student Brooke to put together a list of great reasons to choose a vacation rental when you're dropping of your student in Savannah. Brooke has worked with us for over two years, so she has some great insight into both student life and vacation rentals

Hall & Oaks Kitchen

This month we met up with one of our Lucky Savannah vacation rental property owners. Patrick Phelps is a local architect - focusing on commercial work at Hansen Architects, who moved to Savannah in the ‘90s and has been a loyal downtown resident...