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Learn to love our city through a local's perspective with these helpful articles and top 'Savannahisms' you won't find anywhere else. 

Flannery O'Connor Portrait by Georgia Humanities

March 25th marks the birthday of novelist Flannery O’Connor. Her Savannah upbringing made way for the foundation of her writing style often described as "Southern Gothic." Her childhood home is still standing in the beautiful LaFayette Square and is open to the public as a Historic House museum.

Top Souvenir Shops to Visit in Savannah, GA by Lucky Savannah

We think it’s time to reinvent the idea of a souvenir! We went to our favorite shops to find the top Savannah souvenirs you (or whoever you might be bringing one home for) will actually cherish once the vacation haze has lifted.

Traditional Home Rentals in Savannah

While strolling the streets of Savannah can make you instantly feel at home, the architecture of downtown can be a bit foreign to some seasoned vacation rental guests. Rather than your typical home, cottage, or condo, many of the homes found in our Historic...