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7 Intimate Savannah Wedding Venues

18 Sep 2022
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By Andrea Goto

For romantics, a city like Savannah—with its historic homes and moss-draped oaks—is an ideal place for an intimate wedding. And for realists, it’s just as good; the winter temps rarely drop into the sweater-zone, the downtown is easy to navigate on foot, and the picturesque scenery renders pretty props and flowers almost unnecessary.

Once you’ve settled on Savannah for your wedding, the next step is to find the ideal venue. Here, we’ve curated a list of seven small-but-magnificent sites you might not find on most wedding websites, but you simply can’t overlook.

1. The Whitman

Overlooking Forsyth Park, the historic Whitman Mansion exudes Southern luxury. The main house and coach house can accommodate 40-125 guests and 12-16 overnight. Still on the wrought-iron fence? A third-floor gentleman’s room complete with billiard table might just seal the deal. 

2. Garibaldi Café

This Savannah staple that skirts City Market is best known by locals for its high-end New York Strip and overflowing shellfish platters, but the upstairs private-dining room provides a glitzy space for wedding guests to mingle like true Blue-bloods. Floor-to-ceiling windows, mirrored wall panels, exposed wooden beams and rich, hardwood floors create a space that exudes Southern elegance. 

3. Service Brewing Co.

If you know Savannah, you know there’s something for everyone—which includes the hops-loving folks who are more interested in honest fun than an overly precious party. Launched in 2014, this veteran-owned and operated brewery quickly became a local favorite for both their small-batch brews and deep community ties. Looking for a venue that’s sleek, modern, cemented and, yes, pet friendly? Look no further. 

4. 10 Downing

Are you more bourbon than brews? The popular Churchill’s Gastropub and Taphouse is also home to 10 Downing, an upstairs private banquet room. A rooftop terrace and Winston’s Wine Cellar (just two flights down)—provides a variety of post-ceremony possibilities.

5. Telfair Academy

Built in 1819, this former mansion-turned-museum on Telfair Square requires no sprucing. It’s historic architecture and world-class art collection is the perfect backdrop for a refined affair. The Rotunda room and Sculpture Gallery can each accommodate 100-150 guests. Museum visit and matrimony? It’s a twofer.

6. Cha Bella

Tucked into the Historic District’s east side, this farm-to-table restaurant may be one of Savannah’s best-kept secrets when it comes to small wedding venues. A rich and intimate interior opens up to a whimsical outdoor patio space with swings (yes, swings!) under a canopy of twinkle lights.

7. Cohen’s Retreat

It might seem strange that a former “Old Man’s Retreat” can be artfully transformed into a restaurant, bar, market, artist studios and cottages, but that’s exactly what happened to a historic building nestled in Savannah’s midtown. Each “room” has its own character, creatively styled, with a nod to the structure’s former inhabitants, like a library adorned with canes. This space defines Southern creativity and charm.

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