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Springtime in Savannah

13 Jan 2015
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Lucky Local

Although there's still a winter chill in the air, Lucky Savannah is starting to get ready for our busiest season, Spring. Everyone loves to visit Savannah in the Springtime, and here are our Top 10 reasons why!

10. The flowers are in bloom.

9. The city is perfectly walkable with an average temperature in the low 70's.

8. Spring means great music in Savannah with the Savannah Stopover Music Festival and the Savannah Music Festival!

7. Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of our to-go cup laws by people watching in Ellis Square with a beverage.

6. Check out the Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens; it gives you a rare opportunity to see what's behind some of Savannah's most beautiful doors!

5. It's finally warm enough for a day trip out to Tybee where you can check out Fort Pulaski, or just bury your toes in the sand!

4. Enjoy all of the outdoor dining opportunities downtown, like the Moon River Biergarden, the open air restaurants in City Market, and the breathtaking view from the Cotton Sail Hotel's Top Deck Bar.

3. Take a tour! It's the perfect weather to sit back and enjoy a relaxing carriage ride or take in the city by foot on one of our many specialized walking tours. 

2. Explore Forsyth Park. A favorite spot for both locals and tourists, Forsyth Park is home to Savannah's iconic fountain, as well as a bandshell for concerts, a restaurant, and over a mile of walking trails. 

1. St. Patrick's Day!Check out our guide to St Patrick's Day in Savannah.

Convinced that visiting Savannah in the spring is a good decision? Search our extensive collection of updated historic vacation rentals in downtown Savannah.