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Alleycat Lounge

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Dining Out

"The 'Hostess City of the South' has brought us together from opposite sides of the globe. Our passion for hospitality and enjoying the small moments of life strengthened our bond and made this adventure possible. The charm and history of these old buildings, squares and people have given pause to our wanderlust and encouraged us to add something special to this wonderful place we now call home. 

We strive to bring you the highest quality, freshest ingredients possible in everything we serve. Our goal is to put as much emphasis on the hospitality and interpersonal relationships as our farmers, ranchers, distillers, brewers and vintners have put into the products we serve. We cherish and appreciate the history of our craft, and try to honor those that have blazed the trail we walk on.

In our opinion, we do not serve food and drinks…we serve people…and we serve experiences. The food, drinks, decor, music and location are merely tools to help enjoy this moment in time and these future memories. Please relax, unwind, be yourself, meet old friends, make new ones, share the pleasures and heartaches of life, celebrate achievements, regroup after failures, recharge your soul and prepare for another day. "

-Alleycat Lounge