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Savannah's Sweet Tooth Destinations

4 Oct 2016
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Where to Eat

You could say that Savannah has a bit of a sweet tooth. There are so many places offering confectionery indulgences, it’s hard to narrow them down to just a few must-try spots! There are amazing bakeries. Breakfast at Goosefeather’s is well worth the wait, and Back in the Day Bakery’s Super Chicken Sandwich is a personal favorite. Walking around on a hot day? Stop in Leopold’s for an Old-fashioned Handcrafted Fountain Soda or Milkshake to cool off.

But that... is just the tip of the sprinkl-covered chocolate mountain.

Savannah Candy Kitchen

colorful saltwater taffyOver 30 years ago, Stan “The Candy Man” Stickland opened the Savannah Candy Kitchen on River Street. The original store now occupies over 4,200 square feet, filled to the brim with some of the best candies, cakes and pralines in the South. Don’t believe us? Grab a sample! You can even watch them as they make some of their most popular treats, including taffy as it’s rolled, cut, and sorted by a train hanging from the ceiling.

The Candy Kitchen is a great spot to pick up some gifts, like tin lunchboxes stuffed with candy from giant barrels. Or, for those with a sense of humor, fudge in the shape of a cowpaddy.

Chocolat by Adam Turoni

If you want a chocolate gift that has more class than sass, visit Chocolat by Adam Turoni. Adam discovered his passion early on in life, and by the age of 20 he had founded his company. One of his signature creations, The Honeycomb Chocolate Bar, won a food award by Southern Living Magazine and is definitely worth a try. If you like hazelnuts, then try the Caramelized Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts.

Lulu's Chocolate Bar

Lulu’s Chocolate Bar is possibly one of the best after-dinner destinations any date can have in Savannah. Cozy up with your honey and order some desserts — trust me, you’ll want more than one! They don’t always have the same items, so if you want to try something and don’t think you’ll be back, get it!

Some everyday favorites include their White Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Mousse Towers (pictured), and Fondue for Two.

In addition to a full bar, they have an incredible wine list, and of course, the Lulutini - Van Gogh Chocolate Vodka, Meletti Ciocolatto Liqueur, Crème de Cacao, and real chocolate.

They don’t take reservations, but you can get in line for a table with the NoWait App, Thursday - Sunday after 8 p.m. Want something more private? Get your cake to-go!