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Savannah Concert Venues & Music Festivals

14 Aug 2018
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Savannah’s historic downtown district comes alive on the weekends — which start on Thursday nights ‘round here. The streets fill with people carrying to-go cups, and music flows out of every open door. In a town filled with college students, it should come as no surprise that we have a strong local band and music scene. What may be surprising is the wide range of events and talents that can be found here...

Famous Savannah Music Venues

On any given weekend you can walk around downtown and find bands playing at venues like The JinxBarrelhouse SouthThe Rail Pub, and Congress Street Social Club. Looking for something a little different? Try Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos for an audience driven, all request show, or going underground for a sultry evening of blues, swing, and jazz at Jazz’d Tapas Bar. Kick up your boots down at Saddle Bags on River Street, downtown Savannah’s only Country music dancehall.

Local papers Connect Savannah and Do Savannah always have the latest news on who’s playing where and when. Check them out online, or pick up a free copy from one of the many stands around town.

Other Noteworthy Venues

Downtown Savannah / City Market

River Street

Wilmington Island

Tybee Island

Savannah Music Festivals

What started as a small music event — an extra stop for bands to play on their way to SXSW — Savannah Stopover Music Festival has grown to become a destination in its own right. Savannah Stopover happens over 3 days in March, at various venues around town, including Club One, The Jinx, Social Club, Barrelhouse, The Rail Pub, and more.

Toward the end of March is the start of the Savannah Music Festival, a world-class celebration of the musical arts. Started in 1989, this 17-day event is Georgia’s largest musical arts event and features more than 100 productions.

The Savannah Jazz Festival is a free festival that hosts both internationally acclaimed and regionally prominent artists every September. The event opens with a Blues Night, to honor of of the parents of Jazz. They use multiple venues around Savannah, but always bring it home to Forsyth Park. In addition to the music, they have a movie night to tell the story of Jazz.