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8 Steps to a Lucky Local Staycation

25 Apr 2017
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You’re already a Lucky Local, but sometimes living in Savannah can lose its charm. Trying to find parking downtown for major events can be enough to make you turn around and go home. Those amazing new restaurants everyone is raving about? They have an hour wait time, minimum, and pizza comes right to your door. When all you can think when you’re on River Street is That’s why you don’t wear heels here!, it’s time to take a break from the regular and rediscover why being a Savannah local makes you so Lucky.

Step One: Stay in the middle of Savannah’s nightlife.

Why waste your time finding a parking spot when you can spend a weekend living in the heart of Savannah’s shopping, dining, and nightlife? The Grant Collection on Broughton Street combines historic details with modern luxury for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Grab some locally roasted coffee at The Coffee Fox in the morning, just a block away. In the mood for Asian fusian? The Flying Monk Noodle Bar is just downstairs.

Want something central, full of convenience, but a step away from the hub of Savannah’s nightlife? Discover your own private oasis at The Parker Collection , just a few minutes walk to downtown’s bustling city center. These renovated apartments are above Parker’s Market Urban Gourmet (Fancy Parker’s), where a quick trip will supply you with everything from fresh flowers to a three course meal at your fingertips. Start your night out with drinks at The Artillery, then grab dinner at The Collins’ Quarter, and end the night at speakeasy-style bar Alleycat Lounge.


Step Two: Pretend to be a tourist.

Being in a new place can be liberating. No one knows who you are, so you can be anyone you want. We’re not saying to completely reinvent yourself, but instead of giving directions, ask for them. Stroll down River Street and stop in all the shops along the way. Try on hats at the Mad Hatter and grab a drink to-go at Wet Willies. Try samples of pralines at River Street Sweets, and dare to ask for suggestions for things to do while you’re “in town.”


Step Three: Visit an area of town that you're not very familiar with and explore.

If you can’t name any of the shops that have popped up in Savannah’s Starland District, or recall the last time you visited the Design District, it’s time to rediscover these incredible sections of town.

The Starland District stretches from just south of Forsyth Park to Victory Drive, with Bull Street at its center. This revitalized neighborhood is filled with galleries, vintage apparel shops like House of Strut, music venues, cafes and restaurants (Starland Cafe, Foxy Loxy, and more!), and loads of architectural and cultural history. Undeniably trendy and hip, Starland is a vibrant community of artists and artisans that are only just getting started. 

Savannah's Downtown Design District can keep you busy for an entire day. The cluster of locally owned shops and boutiques in the middle of the Historic District offers a walkable shopping spree for antiques, gifts, clothes, fabrics, specialty papers, and furniture. Take a break from shopping for lunch at SCAD’s Gryphon Tea Room, or enjoy Afternoon Tea, complete with a selection of tea sandwiches, scones, and petit fours.


Step Four: Get dressed up, and go out.

Getting dressed up and going out doesn’t have to mean a night of drinking and shenanigans - ok, it should definitely mean shenanigans. Let your hair down and try something new: a drag show at Club OneMurder Mystery Dinner Theater,  or take a Haunted Pub Crawl. Whatever it is, put on the lipstick. Wear the heels. Have a great time.


Step Five: Pick up something indulgent for a late night snack.

Vacations are all about indulgences, and staycations should be no different. This isn’t the time to skip out on dessert. So before you call it a night, make sure you pick up a sweet treat. Lulu’s Chocolate Bar always has a tasty selection of cakes, cheesecakes, creme brulee, and a Triple Chocolate Mousse that’s worth every single calorie. Fancy Parker’s is always just a short walk away (shorter if you stay at The Parker’s Collection), and their Tiramisu is spot on. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, and perhaps long lasting, stop in one of Adam Turoni’s two shops - The Dining Room on Broughton Street, or The Library on Bull Street by Chippewa Square.


Step Six: Sleep in super late just because you can.

This one may (will) be difficult. After years of waking up for things - take the dog out, the kids are sick, school, work, and so on - our natural alarm clock is hardwired at 7 a.m. or earlier. If the idea of sleeping in till even 8 is foreign to you, we suggest to push your limits to 9 a.m. Maybe even be a rebel and stay in bed till 10! When you finally emerge from your slumbering cocoon, check out one of Savannah’s many popular spots for brunch, including The Collins’ Quarter, The Ordinary Pub, and Funky Brunch Cafe.


Step Seven: Have a spa day.

Nothing is as relaxing as a spa day. Whether you want to keep it short and sweet with a facial and manicure, or you want to go all out with a couples’ massage package, there are plenty of options available to satisfy you and your partner (or BFF). We recommend looking over the services at Spa Bleu, Milan Day Spa on Broughton, and Savannah Day Spa. Where you go, turn your phone off and allow yourself to really disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even if just for a little while.


Step Eight: Visit that museum you’ve been meaning to go to.

Whenever friends and family come to town to visit, we always have a list of recommendations of places to go and things to do that we can rattle off at a moment’s notice. But when is the last time you went to a gallery? Or explored the current exhibition at The Jepson? Isn’t it time you went and saw for yourself just how symmetrical the Ownes-Thomas House really is? It’s time to walk the halls of the Davenport House, or at the very least, take a selfie outside.