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Touring the Traditional Savannah Home

30 Aug 2020
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While strolling the streets of Savannah can make you instantly feel at home, the architecture of downtown can be a bit foreign to some seasoned vacation rental guests.

Rather than your typical home, cottage, or condo, many of the homes found in our Historic District are broken up into three distinct units: the main house, garden level, and carriage. To make your booking process easier, we made this diagram to help clear up some of the confusion on how these beautiful homes can be rented either separately or together.

Traditional Savannah Home Architectural Diagram

The Main House

Technically beginning on the second level of a home, entry to the main house is found up a set of stairs from the street. The first level is usually reserved for a formal foyer, parlor room, and main living areas with a staircase leading up the bedrooms. The main house in itself can be anywhere from two to four stories tall, and typically has shared access to the courtyard.

Our Favorite Main Houses

Chatham Square Manor   Crawford Square Retreat - Savannah Vacation Rental   Broughton Estate - Savannah Vacation Rental

Cohen House - Savannah Vacation Rental   Wilkes House - Savannah Vacation Rental   Saint Julian - Savannah Vacation Rental

The Garden Level

The garden apartment is technically the street level dwelling, with its front door located directly before the main house entry. Iron bars were a popular security system throughout the Victorian era, and this level doesn't receive as much natural light as its sister units. Garden apartments are typically one- and two-bedroom units with a living area and kitchen. Most also have shared access to the courtyard, which is a great place to store your bikes at night or relax with good company.

Our Favorite Garden Apartments

Canterbury Garden Apartment   Cohen House Garden Apartment   Warren Peace Garden Apartment - Savannah Vacation Rental

Washington Square Garden Apartment - Savannah Vacation Rental   513 Liberty Garden Apartment - Savannah Vacation Rental   Saint Julian Garden - Savannah Vacation Rental

The Carriage House

The carriage house can be found opposite the main and garden, facing the lane. These vary by property, but typically consist of a one-bedroom or studio apartment above garage space. Some homes include the carriage house along with the main, but others rent this out separately with a private entry through the lane. Guests may or may not have access to the courtyard.

Our Favorite Carriage Houses

Lamplight Carriage House in Savannah   Birds Nest Carriage House - Savannah Vacation Rental   Broughton Estate Carriage House - Savannah Vacation Rental

Calhoun Carriage - Savannah Vacation Rental   Saint Germain Cottage - Savannah Vacation Rental   Cobbs Carriage - Savannah Vacation Rental

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