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Meet Shop + Stock: Your Local Grocery Concierge Service

21 Feb 2019
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Ever go on vacation and get stuck wasting precious time in line at the grocery store? You want to have the basics like bottled water and snacks, but don't want to make a trip. The solution: hire a local concierge service to stock your vacation home BEFORE you arrive! Owner Kari Hillard of Shop + Stock has filled countless homes with vacation essentials and has become a must-have service for anyone wanting to maximize their time in Savannah. We ask her to give us the low down on her business and some grocery ideas depending on your type of party.

Shop & Stock Concierge Service Kari Hillard

Tell us about your business! What is Shop & Stock?

Shop + Stock is a local grocery delivery service where we shop and deliver your favorite items to enhance a special occasion or making life more convenient! We cater to bachelor/bachelorette groups, romantic getaways, weddings, family reunions, moms-to-be, and to the everyday moms that need one less errand to run!

Why would you recommend Shop & Stock for vacationers?

The last thing that anyone wants to do on vacation is grocery shop, let's face it. That's part of our weekly, monotonous, menial tasks that we all do and dread! Between finding a store, spending time shopping, parking, and hauling it all up the stairs, that took a lot of energy and sacred vacation time. The pro to using Shop + Stock would be walking into your dream rental with all of your requested items laid out beautifully on the counter, chilled, and ready to be enjoyed.

Essential Grocery Items You Need When Booking a Vacation Rental

What are your most requested grocery items?

The most frequent items requested would be things that make every day living more comfortable and home-y on vacation. Things like someone's favorite coffee creamer and sweetener, eggs/toast/butter, toilet paper, favorite breakfast staples, bottled water, and basics to a cheeseboard for a social gathering. While the dining experience in Savannah is absolutely incredible, it's nice to have your favorite snacks or mini meals in your rental to feel at home!

Kari Hillard Owner of Shop and Stock

What assortment of items would you recommend for a young family?

For a family with little ones, I recommend having your staple snacks, quick meals, and plenty of drinks on hand to keep the day running smoothly. Having a kitchen filled with the family's favorite go-to's can completely change the experience of a vacation. Some ideas could be:

  • Shop and Stock Grocery Concierge ServiceIndividual packs of crackers
  • Box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
  • Fruits
  • Cereal bars
  • Gatorade
  • 1 Gallon of Milk
  • Bottled Water

What items would you recommend for a bachelorette party or girl's weekend?

A good idea for groups that vacation together, like a bachelor/bachelorette weekend, is to have each person make a list of items that they need and compile the lists together to get a cohesive idea. Keep it easy, though! Think of easy brunch ideas, cheese board items, tacos/Mexican bar, and late night snacks! The main emphasis is making sure your list has enough food to accommodate the number of people in the group and keeping the group full between meals.

What about for a romantic getaway?

For a romantic getaway, it's nice to have sentimental items stocked, while also trying local products to create new memories. Fresh cut flowers, local candies, fresh fruit, favorite magazine, candle, and ingredients to your favorite dinner to name a few.

Shop & Stock Grocery Delivery Service for Vacation Rentals

And what would you recommend for St. Patrick's Day weekend?

St Patrick's Day is a fun time to be in Savannah! With that being said, the more prepared you are for the parade and weekend, the more fun you'll have! Easy to make sandwiches, quick appetizers, cold drinks, and fruit, are all staples for staying on top of eating and hydrated during the day. Sunblock, bottled water, and head ache medicine are your new best friends!

Planning a trip to Savannah soon? Save time and schedule Shop & Stock for all your grocery needs.