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College Move-In? Stay at a Lucky home to make the transition less stressful!

3 Sep 2015
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SCAD move-in is headed our way (whether we're ready or not)! We had our resident college student Brooke put together a list of great reasons to choose a vacation rental when you're dropping off your student in Savannah. Brooke has worked with us for over two years, so she has some great insight into both student life and vacation rentals:

As most of us know, one of the most stressful (and anticipated) days of our young adult life is the day we move out... and into college dorms. It clearly marks the beginning of a new lifestyle for not only us (the students), but the entire family. Of course, we want to make the best out of the experience for everyone, and how better to do that than squeezing in a little more family time over move-in weekend before the big jump out of the nest? 

Being such an active, historic city with countless tours, monuments, unique restaurants and stores, Savannah makes it easy to keep busy outside of the planned move-in schedule. But what about when we just want to kick back and unwind from the chaos and tension of moving furniture, boxes of clothing, and all the other odds and ends necessary for a successful school year? Having a great home-base is more than essential to relieving the stress of everyone’s hard efforts and simply enjoying the company of our loved ones.

With so many options of places to stay downtown from hotels on Bay Street, bed & breakfasts scattered around Forsyth Park, to the growing amount of vacation homes throughout the city, the decision making process can be fun but can also add to the anxiety of the weekend. Especially with it creeping up so quickly! Rather than staying in a cramped hotel room it’s so much more practical to spread out in a house that’s reflective of our new atmosphere and get a real taste of the city. From a perspective of a college student, here’s why vacation rentals best fit the bill for the weekend:

Laundry: With washers and dryers in the homes, it’s hard to resist a final opportunity for clean clothes without worrying about saving up our quarters. 

The full kitchen: but more importantly that last home-cooked meal. And who can forget about leaving a few leftovers for the new mini-fridge! A full cookware set, plenty of flatware, and spacious dining area make it easy to get some home-style family time before we have to fend for ourselves.

Live like a local: Staying in a space carefully conceived and decorated by Savannah natives helps you get the experience of where we will be spending the next few years of our life. With more than 70 rentals among the historic district, you’re also free to choose which area you want to spend the most time in. Whether it’s off of bustling Bay or Broughton Street or in a more peaceful area of town on one of the 22 squares, oak lined Jones Street, or right off Forsyth Park we’re bound to stumble upon the intimate details and hidden gems of Savannah. 

Modern amenities Instead of worrying about a key-card, the use of electronic locks and lockboxes makes it easy for us to branch off for orientation, residence hall meetings, and events over the weekend. Linens are also provided in home, so it’s one less thing to pack so we can make room for everything we’ll be needing for the school year. And of course, free wi-fi in the homes helps us stay up-to-date with our schedules and new friends.

The sentiment. Above all, the most value we’ll be getting is the one-of-a-kind opportunity created by staying in a one-of-a-kind home with our most favorite people.